четверг, 28 января 2016 г.


ELLE International BAEUTY AWARDS 2016, как понятно из названия, международная премия журнала ELLE в царстве beauty. И вчера вечером мне выпала честь присутствовать на церемонии награждения победителей. Роскошный Премьер Палас, удивительная атмосфера и 
самые лучшие бренды и продукты. Конечно все индивидуально, но для меня более надежной экспертной оценки не существует, тем более, что во многих случаях мое мнение и мнение редакций ELLE совпадает. 

вторник, 26 января 2016 г.


My rock-n-roll style it's always leather leggings, leopard and black. I think this is the most daring and sexy styling. It'a a style of the  mood, when I constantly sing my favorite song. One of my favorite songs in the style of rock Bon Jovi It's my life. And yours?

понедельник, 25 января 2016 г.

Think about spring

The snow storm covered the east coast of the US, and in Kiev strong frosts. I think it's time to talk about spring))). After all, if the week of haute couture in Paris started, it is time to explore trends of the new season. I love the mix. And in this absolutely winter outfit I combined 4 prints. I hope you like it. What do you think?

среда, 20 января 2016 г.

Colorful mood

I really want a spring. And I wait for it. Snow tired, tired of the cold. I want warmth and the sea. So, I choose to be a fun bright clothes, interesting prints, and something cheerful as spring ... I hope you like my outfit? Thanks for the comments, friends))

понедельник, 18 января 2016 г.

Fur fur fur

I really like the eco fur coat. It is warm and comfortable. And when the weather is very cold with a fur coat you can wear a dress and high boots. This is my favorite outfit for winter dates. I hope you like it. Thank you for your comments!

пятница, 15 января 2016 г.

I'm Blue

You know that the color of the year announced softly pink and blue? I love these colors. So, still cold, but we can talk about the trends of spring. And I tried to make the winter outfit with the spring mood. I hope you like it. Thank you very much for your comments!

вторник, 12 января 2016 г.

Real winter in Kiev

In Kiev a real winter. Very cold, but beautiful. During holidays, we walked around the city. And I dressed warm and cozy. Sweaters, furs and high boots. It is ideal for the winter. I hope you like the pictures. And thank you very much for your comments.

вторник, 5 января 2016 г.


In Kiev, very cold. But I like to make looks for the cold weather. It's so funny. The main idea to dress warmly and to choise a beautiful colors. For example, pink and gray. I love this combination. Do you like this outfit? Thank you very much for your comments!

понедельник, 4 января 2016 г.

Happy 2016!

Good morning! I hope you all had a great start of 2016!
Today I wanted to share with you some photo of my family from New Year party 2016! And I want to wish you a Happy New Year! Thank you for believing in me and helping me creating a Soul Fashion Family. I wish that in this new year, you never stop a dreaming. Love and kiss.